Moriah’ Musings

Now I put my cares aside
Now I walk My Journey
Now I focus and prepare
Now I reveal all I know
Now the world receives a Message
Now the willing join the Work
Now the preparation for joining
Will be ready as itʼs needed! I am ready.
I am a Soul in Service.

In Love, Moriah

Accompanied by Angels

A story of divine intervention in our time. The life of Sue Kidd Shipe-Hart, also known as Moriah

Her childhood friends know her as Suzie, and her story began very early with a compelling interest in and desire for spirituality. By the age of 10, she wanted to be baptized, and at age 16 had her first recognized spiritual experience linked to the passing of her dear Grandfather. By age 35, her life forced upside down by the break in her marriage, she turned even more toward her spirituality, looking for a sign that she was to go to seminary. When no sign appeared, she started her next chapter as a single mom with three children, and a new career in education.

Near the graduation of her third child from high school, yet another chapter began with a deep immersion into spiritual experience and growth. At this time she began to clearly see her own spiritual path defined. She began receiving sacred texts that are now, after 24 years, being made public.

This story of the divine reception of sacred texts is only shared to give the reader the opportunity to understand their context. It is the actual sacred texts, “The New Message of Love” that will bring new definition, perspective, and a broader understanding of our next step in understanding the Universe in all itʼs magnificence. It is her hope as the Messenger for the Teachers of Love, a group of Angels who have prepared and delivered these Messages, that you will fall in love with Love; that you will see the emptiness and pain of the world, and choose to follow Love.

“Wherever I go, They are with me.
Wherever you go, you are never alone.
The illusion of being alone in a volatile world
is the basis for all fear.
Follow Love to experience love.”

ʻLove is alI I seek, all I experience, all I express.
This is the joy I wish for you.ʼ


To Be

One of my favorite things about the ocean
Is that it looks so content and delighted
To be the ocean.

Never wanting to be something else
Never wanting to be somebody else
Just so happy to “be”.

I want to be like the ocean:
Totally focused on my Purpose
Bringing joy to others
Providing sustenance, harboring secrets
Wise beyond understanding
Perfect beyond human creating
Born to be what it is
Born, to simply be.

Never a wave like another
Recipient and maker of rain
Providing entertainment and opportunities
Serious and happy
Sad and dangerous
So much to so many
And yet, simply “being”.

My Prayer

Dear Mother Father God,
                   Each day
                        May I love you more
                        May I wonder at your creation
                        May I harness your power to heal
                        May I open my heart to their suffering

                        May I heal while I help others
                        May I have the courage needed
                        May I hear pain behind words
                        And sadness behind anger

                        May I allow myself to care
                        When others donʼt appear to
                        May I find a way
                        When one is not apparent

                        May I know You
                        Through knowing others
                        May I still believe in hope
                        When all hope is gone

                  May I clear my thoughts
                        And find protection there
                        Others may want to hurt me
                        I must learn to put that aside.

                        Sometimes others are jealous
                        Perhaps my life appears perfect
                        That which I so long for
                        Is not to them apparent

                  Help me to be strong
                        When I am helpless to stop their pain
                        Help me to hold hands and cry
                        That another might never feel alone.

                        Help me to never give up
                        But help me to let go
                        Anotherʼs journey is not mine
                        I must simply sit in Love.

                  Thereʼs hunger for Your Message
                        Thereʼs despair and depression
                        Help to raise the veil
                        On anotherʼs sense of hopelessness.
                        When there is nothing more
                        Allow death to become a friend
                        One to love, not fear
                        Until a new life has begun.

                  The fullness of the ocean
                        Upon my soul, Iʼm blessed
                        May no one remove the joy
                        The ocean gives to me.

                        You are constant like the ocean
                        Your Love in me resides
                        May I be your Soul in Service
                        May I be who Iʼm meant to be.

In Love, Moriah                                                      

A Prayer For Strength

Heal me, I pray.

Give me strength. 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 
 	Strength to keep trying 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 
 	Strength to keep moving 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 
 	Strength to heal through my own emotion 	 	 	 	 	 
 	Strength to try again, and again     	 	 	 	 	 	 
 	Strength to measure success 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 
 	By Your yardstick 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 
 	Strength to stop comparing myself 	 	 	 	 	 	 
 	Strength to stop criticizing myself   	 	 	 	 	 	 
 	Compassion for myself 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 
 	As I feel compassion for others

Help me to see myself 	 
 	As a Soul in Service 
Help me to do Your will 	 
 	One more day at a time 
Help me to keep believing   
 	I can complete my Purpose.

I know You are all-knowing
        Otherwise I'd wonder
        Why you thought I could do all this
        But--you know best
I will keep doing
 	As Iʼve been given
        And give you thanks
        For the opportunity! 	 
                                I asked to be Your servant,
                                      And now I am.
                                I asked to do Your will,
                                      And now I try.
                                I asked to know my Purpose,
                                      And now I do.
                                I asked to be Your hands and feet.
                                      And now I try to be.
                                I asked to love You more.
                                      And it is so.
 	 	                           In gratitude, Moriah  
So often I think, “Why me?	 	 	 	 	 	 	 
 	 	And then I realize, “Why not?”

The Ocean

I donʼt want to leave you, Ocean.
             But if I try to hold you
             You will slip through my hands.

We belong together, Ocean and me
     Yet, we each “are”.

There is nothing else like you, Ocean.
            You donʼt worry about dressing up
            You donʼt think about style
                 Youʼre beautiful in all weather
                 Your color is always perfect
                 Your sounds bring me peace
                 Your constancy removes my fear
                       Your buoyancy removes my pain
                             Your purposefulness gives me strength.

Thank you for always “being there”.
      Thank you that I can count on you.


To leave the earth without

Completing my Purpose

Would be my greatest pain.

To leave the earth

Having completed my Purpose

Would be my greatest joy.

My Dedication

Now I put my cares aside

Now I walk My Journey

Now I focus and prepare

Now I reveal all I know

Now the world receives a Message

Now the willing join the Work

Now the preparation for joining

Will be ready as itʼs needed!

I am ready.

I am a Soul in Service.


In Love, Moriah