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A Messenger named Moriah



I have done many things in my lifetime. I have lived in rural Appalachia and I have lived in urban Long Island. I have taught children of all ages, and I am a parent of three. I have been in dysfunctional relationships, and compassionate, caring, and respectful relationships. I have worked at the local, state, and international levels. I am a loner and also one who loves to be with people. I studied, performed, and taught music for much of my life.

I have been on a spiritual path all of my life. The specifics of my unique spiritual path appeared in the form of a spiritual teacher in 1990 followed by years of meditation and study. Since then, I have continued some of my previous activities, but I have focused on the role I have come to do. I have come to “assist humanity in the evolution that is occurring.”

What does that mean?

All life evolves. Humans have evolved. We have learned how to defy gravity and fly. We have learned how to send people to the moon. We have walked on the moon. We have explored space through travel and shuttles. In fact, we are now having to be concerned with space junk–we are already polluting space!

We have become mechanized. We consume so far from itʼs original source that we often donʼt even know the source. We have built nuclear power stations that have polluted our air and soil because we donʼt know how to destroy what we have created.

That theme of not being able to destroy or eliminate safely what we have created has led to pollution of our air, water, soil, food, and even genetics. Who knows what has already been cloned? What viruses weʼve allowed to mutate in our laboratories?

Who knows the long term effect of chemicals, medications, and even what we expose babies to? We donʼt have a long-term perspective. Most of us live and react, trying to assimilate the events of the day.

My role has been to try to move away from the day to day while being a part of it. My spiritual path has required me to live in two worlds–our day to day, but “with my head in the clouds,” so to speak. I have over time developed different perspectives and ways of seeing. Sometimes I am here living minute to minute. At other times I am elevated so that I see from that higher elevation. When I do, I see differently. I see what others cannot see.

Our world is in the midst of a huge evolutionary step. Many of us can feel something–sort of an uncomfortable sensation. We try to resolve it for ourselves. We think we understand it as a cosmic shift of some sort, and so we write and publish all of our theories. Visit the New Age or spiritual section of any bookstore, and you can be overwhelmed with possibilities. We even develop new language to describe some phenomena–”indigo children”, for example. Then, a culture made up of people following and loudly expressing these theories, develops.

Something is happening. We sense it. We try to run from it. We shop, use drugs and alcohol, ruin our bodies and minds and then run to rehabilitate them. We overindulge–in work, sports, recreational sex, multiple relationships–only to find that we still feel unsatisfied and incomplete. We sleep and eat too much, or too little. We are sometimes loud or aggressive to cover up our feelings of insecurity. If we act confident, we think that no one will guess how we really feel. We find hope in spiritual sampling, and spiritual smorgasbords. As long as we keep running to another event weʼll be OK, we think. Yet the discontent continues.

In 1990 when I became “activated” and consciously channeling (receiving from) my Teachers, I was told that my job was “to assist humanity in the evolution that is occurring.” The mission I was given, and the ordination I experienced with my Teachers, has brought me to this point where I am beginning my public journey here with you.

My personal journey began in childhood with many events impacting my life and teaching me about power, lack of power, and finally, empowerment. But my designated spiritual path which I agreed to, began in 1990. I made a commitment at that time to follow my spiritual path where it would take me. I knew that my life could be endangered by those who want to silence the Messenger. I had had occasion to experience attempts to intimidate me earlier, so I understood. I made the commitment. And when I made the commitment, the game of inner tennis that confused and challenged my spirit, stopped. Now, I am here, ready to bring this story, my spiritual path, and most importantly, the Preparation, to humanity.

What is the change in evolution to which I am referring? Humans, until recently, have been isolated. Our needs are met here on earth. As we have progressed, and especially recently, there have been many discoveries of new planets and more understanding of how earth fits like a tiny dot in our expanding universe. Our religions place man at this center of the universe. New discoveries are challenging traditional thinking.

We are now even scientifically realizing that it is highly unlikely that we are the only beings in the universe. While many people have reacted to debunking of what they have seen, heard, or experienced, stories of experiences with craft and extraterrestrials continue. Theyʼre not popular right now, so books are difficult to find in bookstores. But the sightings continue and some still remain unexplained.

New experiences and understandings are gaining acceptance. Ideas of children having special gifts is accepted by some. Increases in autism and allergies show us that we are becoming too sensitive to our environment. Have there always been allergies, autism, and sensitivities of the central nervous system? Probably. What is different is the rate of increase. Education, medicine, and religion have not been able to keep pace. For example, medicine has not yet studied the effects of environmental exposures. As our institutions continue to lose ground, new institutions are forming. Most of you have come to this site because your knowledge and experience no longer fit within the proscribed boundaries of any religion. Many of us spent a lot of time looking–trying many religions, and then walking away in disappointment. We are now in a New World where the old philosophies, beliefs, and practices are unable to keep pace with the new. But new institutions that would ground us are not yet founded. Thatʼs why we are exploring, maybe even grasping. We realize that what we had no longer works adequately, but the new institutions havenʼt been created.

We stand with one foot on each shore and wonder why we sometimes feel insecure and overwhelmed.

I, Moriah, have come to tell you whatʼs happening. Iʼve come to give you help in navigating the evolution that is occurring. Iʼm giving you, Humanity, the tools to take charge of your lives. Those tools are not given by me. They are given through me. Iʼm now going to begin to share them.

Beings from other worlds, perhaps planets such as ours, have the ability to travel in space. While we have evidence of these beings as far back as the drawings found in caves, the past 60+ years has seen a huge increase, perhaps infiltration, of these beings. They did not land on the White House lawn to disrupt society. Instead, perhaps they became like us. Their advanced technology may have allowed them to interbreed with us. Just as gravity no longer holds us to earth, sexual intercourse is no longer needed for breeding. We know that animals have been and are being cloned. Even humans possibly have the technology to clone humans. An advanced civilization would probably have no trouble interbreeding with us simply by taking our DNA or relevant information. Perhaps the abduction phenomenon was not something we should have ignored. And all those sightings? Do you really believe that so many people are delusional? I have more faith in other humans that I do in government with itʼs basic need to avoid fear and panic. We were shut down–some of us. Some were not allowed to speak, or were threatened or belittled for doing so. But, hopefully, we will never forget what we know.

Now we are creating a safe space where you can come:

1. to learn new tools for helping to navigate this New Day,

2. to share personal experiences that do not fit into our current religious, scientific, and educational paradigms,

3. to begin to design new institutions that are capable of incorporating new and expanding information.

This is a New Day. We need a New Way to navigate the changes that are occurring. We need a paradigm (way of seeing) that is capable of expanding and incorporating new information. We need ʻA New Way for A New Dayʼ.