New World Empowerment Center

Programs & Services of the International Institute For Human Empowerment ~ Publications, Retreats, Workshops, Spiritual Empowerment, Meetings & “Meditations with Moriah”.

New World Empowerment Ministries

New World Empowerment Ministries is based upon the Messages of the "Teachers of Love" as revealed through a Messenger named "Moriah."

International Institute for Human Empowerment

Dedicated to empowering all people toward the attainment of basic human rights including quality education, food, healthcare, and a peaceful & loving environment.

Sue Shipe, Ph.D.

Sue Shipe, also known as “Moriah” is a Spiritual Teacher, Author & the Founder of the International Institute For Human Empowerment, New World Empowerment Center & Chair of the Fibromyalgia Task Force of New York State.

Spiritual Writings

  • The New Message of Love

    The New Message of Love has been received, prepared, and published in order that Humanity may safely navigate the rapid changes and challenges of the […]

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  • Itʼs a New World!

    Itʼs a New World! Childhood answers to the big questions aren’t true. What we believed
    in is often fallible. People whom we trusted fell from grace. […]

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  • They Told Me So

    They told me my Religion would provide direction for all my life events, but itʼs not true.

    They told me all my Doctors would have the […]

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This is a New Day. We need a New Way to navigate the changes that are occurring. We need a paradigm (a way of seeing) that is capable of expanding and incorporating new information. We need "A New Way for A New Day".