A Church for the New World A New Way for a New Day: The “New Message of Love” New World Empowerment Ministries, the Church for the New World, is based upon the Messages of the “Teachers of Love” as revealed through a Messenger named “Moriah.” (Sue Shipe, PhD). It expands our current views by incorporating unexplained experiences incompatible with the current general paradigm of a reality, while providing leadership for navigating the New World.

MISSION: to develop an online and in person global Church for the New World through publishing and sharing the Messages of the Teachers of Love, given through a Messenger named “Moriah” (Sue Shipe, PhD) The “Teachers of Love” are High Spiritual Teachers, or Angels. They are assisting Humanity “in the evolution that is occurring” as many great changes characterize this time of shifting from a global community to an inter-global community as we continue to expand into space. Thus many of the philosophies and teachings relevant to a global community become less relevant during this expansion. The “New Message of Love” does not replace, but builds upon current religions, spiritual beliefs, and philosophies. Vibrational or energy changes, which we interpret as stress, are disrupting our body systems causing many new illnesses to emerge and proliferate. Human nervous systems are not adept at managing increasing energy. As a result, we are seeing new and expanding illnesses affecting our central nervous systems, causing protective responses such as chronic pain, fatigue, psychological reactions, allergies, and the inability to function socially. The antidote to the increasing energy or stress is a new focus on a New message, New healing, and New ways to Express and to Serve.

The Message is the New Message of Love given by the Teachers of Love.

The New Healing is the addition of Energy Healing to a broad array of
medical and nutritional interventions.

The New Expression provides new methods of communication.

The New Service is through Leadership Development for the New World.