• The Way Is Love

    I believe in the value of every life.

    I believe that humanity is a beautiful manifestation of the Divine.

    I believe that Love guides and restores healing as part of the natural order.

    I believe in the human spirit and itʼs right to express.

    I believe that every person is a part of Divine Love.

    I honor Love in myself, and in all others.

    I believe in the divinity of Life.

    I believe in the One-ness of all humanity.

    I believe that Freedom of the spirit must prevail.

    I believe that Freedom must be protected and cherished.

    I believe that we must honor one another.

    I believe in the brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind.

    I believe that Humanity must prevail.

    I believe that Unity must be maintained for the future of humanity and of our world.

    I believe in the divinity of all human and animal life, and intend to hold it in high regard.

    I believe that people do not war; governments war.

    I will pray and work for peace among all people.

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