• Designing the Church of Tomorrow, today.

    We are in a New World.                                                                   Whether we can perceive it, or not, it is here.
    Whether we want it, or not, it is here.
    Whether we are prepared, or not, it is here.

    What is this New World?

    It is a world of new possibilities, where the past is a treasure to be preserved, but of which we
    must let go.

    It is a world where Diversity is our greatest asset, where Freedom must rule, where bullies must
    learn empathy, and where failure is valued for its lessons.

    It is a world where Experience trumps faith, where things previously unseen are seen, where
    healing is part of Universal Design, and where the mind must be expanded, not controlled.

    It is a world where institutions serve all people.

    It is a world where each person recognizes the gift of life: to learn and to contribute.

    It is a world where contribution is esteemed, where collaboration is valued over competition, and
    where people can lay aside ego for the greater good.

    It is a world where the greater good is aspired for all people, and where class systems, that
    value some more than others, are eliminated.

    It is a world where relationships built on trust are valued, where children respect parents, and
    parents respect children.

    It is a world where all are viewed as part of the One-ness that is Love.

    It is a world where leaders are led by a Higher Power called Love, where Love binds people
    together, and where differences are viewed as enriching, and as part of the unity of the whole.

    It is a world where minds are open to possibilities, where new experiences are valued for new
    meaning, and where truth is more important than expediency.

    It is a world where new institutions built upon trust prevail, and where institutions are responsive
    to the people they serve.

    It is a world where Love leads and humanity follows, where Leaders serve Love by serving
    others, and where Leadership is valued, and once again, restored.

    It is a world where children are guided by Love, and parents are responsible for that guidance.

    It is a world where marriage is the divine relationship of the heart that incorporates and follows

    The Church of Tomorrow is the Church of the New World. We shall call it:
    New World Empowerment Ministries

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