Holistic Coaching integrating Energy Healing and Hypnosis. Specializing in finding happiness through spiritual purpose, living well with chronic pain and fatigue, relieving blocks to creativity, and integrating unexplained experiences.

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“I help people find the happiness they crave. Propel your passion into success.”

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FREE 1/2 hour consultation

1/2 hour Energy Healing $40.00
1 hour Coaching/Healing $80.00
1 and 1/2 hour Intensive Coaching/Healing $120.00

Prepaid Packages or Gift Certificates:

(4) 1/2 hour Energy Healing sessions –$120
(4) 1 hour Coaching/Healing sessions –$240
(4) 1 1/2 Hour Intensive Coaching/Energy sessions —$360

Coaching Testimonials:

For anyone who desires to change any aspect of their life, I cannot express enough for how highly I recommend Spiritual Life Coaching with Sue Kidd Shipe-Hart at the New World Empowerment Center. I decided to contact Sue because I was falling flat with my own personal/life goals. In fact, for the past two years, I no longer had any long-term life goals or vision for myself or my future which made me feel disempowered and devoid of optimism, life-energy, and enthusiasm. It was actually leading to low-level emotional and energy depression.

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Sue during 4 coaching sessions over a period of 6 weeks, but it was our first session in which she also performed a “light touch” energy healing session after our coaching session. I immediately felt an energy shift in my body and mind that lasted into the evening. I immediately felt restored of faith in myself and my future well-being.

I was astonished with how fast and effective the results were, especially in shifting my mindset. Sue helped me to open the “doors” of my mind (and heart) and expand my inner vision while listening to my inner voice. Her Spiritual Life Coaching Program has given me the keys to create whatever life my heart most desires. Through our coaching sessions together, she has taught me that we all have the power to create ourselves and she has given me the spiritual life tools to do so. In working with Sue, I’ve realized that ALL life possibilities are indeed limitless.

Now empowered, I recognized that any obstacle created by me can also be overcome by me! I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Sue, and I invite others to experience how truly transformative her Spiritual Life Coaching Program is.

~ Glenn E. Kakely, Personal Development/Self Help Author & Wellness Coach

“I have had several sessions with Sue Kidd Shipe-Hart, Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Healer, for help in dealing with chronic pain while awaiting knee surgery and a hip replacement. Although the main reason I saw Sue was for healing touch sessions, she has also helped me in dealing with a particularly stressful situation in my life not related to physical health. Her insight and encouragement helped me sort out and deal with a messy situation that I had allowed to fester for far too long. When doing healing energy work, Sueʼs touch is very comforting – warm, gentle and soothing. Although I was specifically hoping for relief from physical pain, while I was on the table many emotions arose and the healing session helped me clear some trauma I had been holding in my body/mind for many, many years. I also did feel relief from the chronic, arthritic physical pain Iʼve been living with for several years.

Interestingly, after each time I saw Sue I would then have a profound dream the night following the session, related to the issues that came up in the session. All very healing. I always felt much better after my sessions with Sue. I highly recommend her for both life coaching and energy healing.”

Catherine Bywaters

“Sue is compassionate and understanding, and her motivation to help others comes from the heart. Her coaching services come with my highest recommendation”

Joe Hazen

Coaching is held at the New World Empowerment Center, 985 Avon Crest Blvd., Niskayuna, NY 12309