• Itʼs a New World!

    Itʼs a New World! Childhood answers to the big questions aren’t true. What we believed
    in is often fallible. People whom we trusted fell from grace. Ideals we lived for seem to
    be fading from human values.

    Truth is mostly perspective, not absolute. What was yesterday, is gone. Today will be
    gone, tomorrow. People come into our lives only to become distant memories. Or they
    vanish, without a trace.

    The New World is the old world, but dramatically different. What was predictable, is not.
    No longer can we depend on climate stability. It has been replaced by an ever-changing
    and often volatile environment.

    Mores accepted by various cultures have been infiltrated. No longer “pure”; no longer
    unadulterated: West and East are co-joined. What has replaced the cultural norm is
    variety. Races are combined. Languages contain a variety of multi-lingual expressions.
    What was accepted as “good” no longer exists in common vocabulary. Literary works of
    artistic expression are replaced by the text and video of the moment.

    Everything is moving fast. What was new yesterday is already outdated. Even the
    “techies” are challenged to keep abreast of the technology du jour. Yesterdayʼs phone
    is considered a joke, while movies made during oneʼs lifetime soon seem dated and

    Abilities and technologies are expanding. What we thought of as stationary is charged
    with energy that flows, moves, or becomes stuck, creating illness. Origins of illness are
    becoming more obvious as our demanding lifestyles keep us stuck in unhealthy life patterns.

    Old species disappear; new species arrive. Faster than we can name and categorize
    them, they appear where the existence of life was thought impossible.

    The New World is full of what was believed to be impossible–from the movement of
    craft to the emerging abilities of humans. We can no longer expect the old ways to support
    the new challenges. We need, “A New Way for a New Day!”

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