NWE Ministries Has Begun

The time of waiting is over.
The Ministry has begun.
It will start with “disciples”
Who are disciplined to carry it forth.

These are the rocks of human life
Upon which the foundationʼs built.
They will bring the others–
Growth will be organic and sincere.

Do not fear those others
Who are not ready to join.
Simply, move forward in faith;
Your Angels are in the lead.

So do not despair or fret;
Do not fear anotherʼs response.
Denial is inability to join.
Move forward as ordained.

Be open to those who are also.
Truth is deeply desired.
Those who are ready will be drawn;
They will awaken to desire.

Desire for Love is internal.
It will surface as they evolve.
Be ready to respond to their needs.
Be ready; be open to all.

The evolved do not self-identify;
They present as they are drawn.
Be open to see the pain
That lack of Love presents.

Be open to the misery
Of fear and loneliness.
Be open to the pain of rejection;
Self-love must be re-learned.

Be open to the disillusioned
With dreams lost long ago.
True fulfillment comes from Purpose.
Purpose comes through human pain.

Let Love lead and guide you.
The Ministry, now begun
Will prepare Humanity for joining;
Will prepare it to self-defend.

Will prepare it to remain free.
Will prepare it to serve Love.
The light, once long in darkness,
Has sparked! Itʼs so ordained!

From The Teachers of Love through a Messenger named “Moriah”