The Way

ʻThe Love of God is
           All I seek,
                      All I experience,
                                    All I express.ʼ

“The Way”

The power of the ocean
is like the power of Love.

Nothing is as powerful as Love.
Nothing is as beautiful as Love.
Nothing is as expressive as Love.

The ocean fills my being
Love fills my being.
The ocean envelopes and sustains me.
Love envelopes and sustains me.
The ocean calls forth Higher Power within me.
Love is Higher Power within me.

Love, knowledge, peace
are the expression
of God in me–
–in each of us.

Now, I understand…….

When Love in you is not yet self-recognized
We cannot join.

That is why we must sometimes
Lovingly release.

(Moriah, 5/7/09)