Your Instrument of Love

Make me a blanket of ocean waves
     That I may feel Your love surrounding me.

Make me a shade of Your maple trees
     That I may feel Your protection.

Make me full with a rich harvest
     That I may feel Your provision.

Make me hungry for Your new Message
     That I might understand and prepare.

Make me sensitive to othersʼ thoughts
     That I might protect myself.

Make me hurt, and know the feeling of pain
     That I might never become insensitive to others.

Make me see with physical and spiritual eyes
     That I might fully understand.

Make me hear with ears and heart
     That I might not need words for communication.

Make me know what You want me to know
     That I might follow right direction.

*“Make me an instrument of Your peace
       That where there is hatred, I might sow love.”


*Prayer of St. Francis                     (Moriah, 5/6/09)